MG B GT Sebring V8 Conversion

This blue B GT began life with rubber bumpers and a four cylinder engine. A previous owner had added silver metallic eight spoke alloy wheels, enhancing the sporty character. However, the performance needed some improvement over standard. After some discussion, the decision was made to replace the original engine with a 3.5 litre aluminium Rover V8, donated to the project by Classic Wheel's long-suffering webslave. A wager was made, for a not inconsiderable sum of money, between Classic Wheel's boss and an old friend and fellow MG enthusiast, that ensured the conversion took place in a frantic fortnight before the Easter weekend. With the goodwill and assistance of other employees and friends the project took shape at a breakneck pace. With nly one hour to go before the midnight deadline elapsed the motor was still being wired up and the tank primed. In the end the motor was started successfully a very short while after the clock struck twelve, but all present agreed that the job had been done well!

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