This sleek imported black B was converted by Classic Wheels Berlin from RHD to LHD, the dashboard subjected to some black magic and refinished with crinkle black. The coupe has had rubber bumpers replaced with smooth 'Sebring' fibreglass valance panels and a 'C' bonnet. We flush-mounted the front valance, thus complementing the original curves and thereby avoiding an unsightly'step'. The 3.5 litre V8 was refreshed with new valvetrain, mild 'fast road' cam, new timing gear, a JWR manifold and a Holley 390 4-barrel carburettor. On a cold and clear winter afternoon such as the photos seen here, the dual exhaust barks an exciting, throaty baritone roar. The addition of 8-spoke alloys completes the subtle look of this delightful little car, which packs a mean punch. This black BGT now proudly wears German number plates with the 'H' historic suffix (no more gaffer tape!).

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